Let Generation D Systems solve your telephony challenges. From prebuilt Asterisk add-ons, to custom software solutions, to improving your overall VoIP telephony capabilities and performance.

Protect yourself and your clients against fraud by using SecAst, the only Asterisk specific intrusion detection and prevention system on the market. Detect intrusion attempts based on heuristic patterns, geographic IP location, dialing patterns, and more. Designed for ITSP's and large installations requiring high performance, precise detection, and rapid reaction to fraud.

Protect your revenue and your business by providing 99.999% uptime on your Asterisk server using HAAst. The only Asterisk specific clustering system on the market creates an Asterisk cluster (no need for a Linux cluster) for simple installation, maintenance, and high performance. HAAst is the only clustering product which interfaces deeply with Asterisk so you can detect Asterisk failures, not just hardware failures.



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